Kobe Bryant, 1978-2020


Kobe Bryant was the reason I started watching and playing basketball. I put on ABC in June of 2010 and I saw brilliance on the basketball court. The way he put his full effort on every possession and was just as passionate when he was off the court. He quickly became an idol of mine. So as any person who admires someone, I wanted to learn all about him and be like him. His ruthless pursuit of perfection, his hard work, and his mannerisms reflected on me and quickly shaped me to how I am today. His hard work inspired me to work hard and give it my all to whatever I was committed to at whatever time in my life.

Kobe used basketball as a way to escape his personal life and I used basketball to do the same as well. This led to me working on my craft in basketball and making basketball teams that previous me (even a few months prior) wouldn’t have made. Kobe inspiring me to play basketball has led to many great and personal moments. I would go out on the court with my dad or even the whole family sometimes and I would try to dominate every second of the game and impose my will.

So when I heard that Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash, I was stunned and my heart sunk. I didn’t say anything for hours and I re-evaluated my whole life throughout the day. From that moment on I decided that whatever I did in my life I would dedicate to Kobe Bryant because of what he meant to me. His hard work and determination has helped me and I would want to reciprocate that same thing back to him. I plan on passing the same principles that he showed me to my future kids or just the next generation.

Everyone could benefit from what Kobe Bryant embodied and it could make the world a better place. Hard work can be and should be applied to everything. I now have the mindset that if you aren’t trying to be the best at whatever you are doing, then why even do it in the first place?

It is sad how Kobe Bryant had to go, but he left valuable lessons that everyone could use in their everyday life. I hope everyone uses these lessons and inspires everyone else.