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“Lol imma kms”: Why do High School Students Joke About Suicide?

Movlyne Exantus, Staff Writer

March 12, 2020

In today’s society teens joke about serious matters more often than not. Everything can be found in a meme, whether it be murder, rape, world crises, or suicide. The concept of suicide in today’s media is one that is forever be...

(Set) Fire To The Rain

Victoria Eduardo, Staff Writer

March 5, 2020

If you’re good at keeping up with the media, you may have noticed that the Amazon Rainforest was on fire for about two weeks in a row, breaking its record of forest fires. On the contrary to the title of this article, no, Adel...

Why Words Matter

Meichelle Vertus, Founder

February 13, 2020

You might have heard last year a teacher allegedly used the N-word and it was just gossip in the school. Students in all grades were learning about the situation in several different ways and it was hard for the truth to come ...

When Head Wraps Become Permitted, So Do Our Voices

Cassandra Calixte, Staff Writer

February 13, 2020

As of late September 2019, Prospect Hill Academy has prohibited students from wearing head wraps unless it’s part of a religious practice. When it comes to the PHA school community, wearing head wraps has been a very popular a...

Kobe Bryant, 1978-2020


February 13, 2020

Kobe Bryant was the reason I started watching and playing basketball. I put on ABC in June of 2010 and I saw brilliance on the basketball court. The way he put his full effort on every possession and was just as passionate wh...

Doing Nothing

December 5, 2019

What's the one thing all living people have in common? (This is not a riddle, I promise.) It's that we breathe 24/7. Slow yourself down! Set aside one minute (out of the 1,440 you have today) to do nothing but breathe--in through...

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